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Injury Leads for Lawyers, Chiros, PTs, and Doctors.

Car accident and personal injury leads. Exclusive, real-time, and generated from high-conversion search ads.

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We use the magic of AI to get you profitable leads that convert

Effective advertising with AI optimization allows us to generate quality leads at the best price.

How it Works

We advertise on search engines to attract leads who are actively seeking help. They fill out a detailed form, allowing us to filter out leads who aren't genuine potential clients.

You only receive leads that pass all screening questions, so you know each one has high profit potential.

The lead is then sent by email, text message and/or CRM post.

Call your lead and bring on a new client!

Entering info about case on form

Leads Complete Detailed Form

Leads enter case details to ensure each one is qualified.

attorney reviewing case

Match Performed

Lead is matched based on factors such as location and case type.

estimate received

Receive Lead

Lead is sent to you by email, text and/or CRM post.


Other companies advertise on social media, where leads come dirt cheap but conversion rates can be 1-2%.


We're the only company that's laser-focused on injury leads from search ads. That's why we believe we have the highest conversion rate in the industry.

low risk - no minimum order means user is protected. A person protected by an umbrella.


The truth is many lead gen companies know their leads aren't very good, so they force you to place a large expensive order to get started.

We know our leads get results and our customers re-order, so we want to make it as easy and low-risk as possible for you to try.

Test them out with any size order you like.

No minimum, subscription, or commitment.

save money


Using highly-effective ad campaigns and lead generation sites, optimized by the latest AI tools, we are often able to generate new clients for you at a lower price than in-house marketing campaigns.

save money


Each lead is guaranteed to be exclusive to you and will never be sold to other clients who provide the same service.

If you're an attorney, you can rest assured any lead you receive will NEVER be sold to another attorney.

Leads are guaranteed valid, or it's replaced free.


How do I get started?

Fill out our form.

Tell us what category of leads and geographic location you're interested in. We can answer your questions and provide pricing by email, or schedule a call.

Select how many leads you'd like to try for your first order, and we'll send you a checkout link.

Let us know where you'd like your leads sent, make payment, and you'll quickly start receiving leads and be on the way to growing your business.

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